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HBG-Your International Research Partner

Truly International and Global Research Provider

Our global network of delivery centers helps us provide extensive coverage

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Sales Enablement Center
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African Delivery Center
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Headquarter and Delivery Center
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Asia Delivery Center
india flag India

Headquarter and Delivery Center

china flag China

Asia Delivery Center

nigeria flag Nigeria

African Delivery Center

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Sales Enablement Center

At HBG, we have dedicated multi-lingual teams. Therefore, our research insights are based on extensive international market experienceand conducted in-house every step of the way.

multi lingual teams
Languages Covered
Asian Countries
  • madarin Mandarin
  • cantonese Cantonese
  • thai Thai
  • bahasa Bahasa
  • japanese Japanese
  • korean Korean
  • malay Malay
  • german German
  • italian Italian
  • spanish Spanish
  • french French
  • dutch Dutch
  • russian Russian
Latin America
  • spanish Spanish
  • portuguese Portuguese
Middle East
  • arabic Arabic