An Emerging need for Technology Adoption in Water Treatment & Wastewater Management
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An Emerging need for Technology Adoption in Water Treatment & Wastewater Management

What is Wastewater Treatment?

Wastewater treatment is a process of removing waste particles and contaminants from sewage or wastewater to turn it into an effluent so that it returns to the water cycle and causes minimum harm to the environment. Wastewater is the water that needs to be cleaned after it is used with an aim to cleanse and protect water in such a way that can be used by people for cleaning, washing, drinking, and commercial and industrial uses.

Wastewater treatment takes place in the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) which is mostly known as the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) or a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

Many technologies are being adopted to cover the whole process and operations that undergo wastewater treatment. Digitization and integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) can be seen as the emerging need and technology for the sector.

Wastewater Management & Technology

With time, the technologies are being adopted and designed to offer low-cost sanitation and better environmental protection. New technologies emerging in the wastewater treatment industry are adding up to the benefits of reusing the water as they use natural, aquatic, and terrestrial systems.

Technologies such as Internet of Things and others offer low-cost, low-power sensors, and edge-computing devices that provide industrial operations, water and wastewater operations, better efficiency, and delivery and management of the already provided service.

The efficiency is driven by the increased remote monitoring and control practiced, that on the other hand also exposes the water systems to several different    types of cyberattacks     and hacks which might impact the complete operation and process directly affecting the delivery.

As the water and wastewater operations are on the verge of adopting and leveraging new wastewater treatment technologies, the aim is to be more focused on being secure and reliable on the wireless networking technology.

Moreover, as per the expert in wastewater management, over the period of the last 10 years, the industry has witnessed communications compromised due to sundry natural disasters and man-made disasters. For example- Hurricane Harvey and Irma Cyberattack impacting the grid systems and transportation, and Hurricane Sandy.

Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies Market

The four common ways in which wastewater can be treated include biological water treatment, sludge treatment, chemical treatment, and physical water treatment. The physical water treatment includes the cleaning of wastewater by using processes such as screening, sedimentation, and skimming to remove the solids without the use of chemicals.

New Wastewater Treatment Technologies helps in the removal of impurities and contaminating particles from water during its use of storage and converts it into an appropriate and usable state. The global water treatment industry is to witness exponential growth during the forecast period due to the increasing   adoption of technology and digitization.  The market driving  growth is caused due to the scarcity of clean water, better and enhanced innovations in the water treatment technologies, the rising investments made by key market players, and due to the government policies.

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As the contamination of water is increasing along with the pollution rate of water bodies, water resources are exhausting rapidly and, the demand and scope for water treatment technology market will elevate at a good pace.. Also, the stringent government regulations over the industrial and municipal wastewater disposal drive the growth of the water treatment technology market in the recycle and reuse procedures.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies Market

With technology and digitization being the prime demand of the market, they have landed the water and wastewater treatment technologies into a different perspective. The market of this particular sector is however dependent on different scenarios. The market is divided and based on the different types including the Suspended Solids Removal, Dissolved Solids Removal, Biological Treatment/Nutrient & Metals Recovery, Disinfection/Oxidation, and Oil/Water Separation.

As per the Allied Market Research,the size of the market is expected to witness a steady growth to reach $192,715 million by 2022, expanding at a CAGR of 4.1% over the forecast period.

As per the application of the Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies Market is concerned, it includes Oil/Water Separation, Suspended Solids Removal, Dissolved Solids Removal, Biological Treatment/Nutrient & Metals Recovery, and Disinfection/Oxidation.

However, the regions where the market growth is better and higher than other regions include North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and the Middle East and Africa.

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