precision farming
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Unlocking the Future of Farming: Harnessing AI for Precision Agriculture Advancements

Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture is a modern farming concept that uses information technology to ensure that the crops are well maintained and to optimize their health and overall productivity.  It is an emerging trend within the farming community and is helping them make the right decisions around the production processes. It is a continuous process which is stretching the bounds of the production capacity of a farmer. It also facilitates sustainable food production and climate resistance.

The agriculture industry is undergoing a lot of disruptive innovation due to the integration of high-end technologies such as artificial intelligence. 

The Agriculture Experts

believe precision agriculture is helping to yield many benefits, such as improving food quality, increasing productivity, etc.

The agriculture industry has always been the backbone of our economy. Factors that are propelling innovation in the agriculture industry are climate change, population growth, and food security concerns across the globe.

Expert consultation reveals that the primary factors driving the growth of the precision agriculture market are the adoption of new precision farming technologies for boosting agricultural production followed by government initiatives to adopt modern agricultural techniques. This methodology is allowing a substantial cost-cutting in the farming industry.

Growing market penetration of smartphones is playing a prominent factor in the proliferation of precision agriculture as smartphones play a significant role in bridging the gap between end-users and advanced technology equipment.

Expert survey shows that significant factors restricting the growth of this market are the requirement of high investments in R&D and lack of technical knowledge among farmers.

Significant challenges faced by the precision agriculture experts comprise of lack of standardization coupled with loopholes in the management of data in the market.

Expert network groups

analyze that the factors promoting the growth of this market comprise of rising applications of drones/ UAVs in farming insights coupled with the integration of smartphones, IoT, artificial intelligence, and software applications.

Artificial intelligence experts say that continuous shifts in the weather patterns along with an increase in temperature, rapid changes in rain pattern and groundwater density is affecting crop production. Thus, the deployment of artificial intelligence in predictive analytics promotes improvements in productivity, cost-cutting, and an increase in profits for farmers.

Yield monitoring, field mapping, crop scouting, weather tracking & forecasting, irrigation management, and others are the primary application areas of precision agriculture.

Expert’s insights

In the current era of digitalization and increased competition, the agricultural industry is experiencing rapid growth. Modern farmers are embracing education and specialization in agriculture, adopting technologies such as drones, artificial intelligence, and IoT to gather valuable farming data.

The ongoing integration of artificial intelligence and automation is reshaping the agriculture sector by providing expert guidance, reducing friction, and eliminating obstacles in crop management decisions.

Market research experts predict that the precision agriculture market is set to exceed USD 12 billion by 2025, with a remarkable 27% CAGR from 2019 to 2025, primarily driven by the growing adoption of artificial intelligence.

The Asia Pacific region is expected to witness the highest growth during this period due to its increasing population and the rising demand for high-quality food products worldwide.

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