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What Actions to take for Successful Business Operations During Coronavirus

Business Operations During Coronavirus

What Actions to take for successful business operations during Coronavirus

A business continuity plan is not a masterstroke that is kept behind the veil to pull at the right time, it is a well-planned strategy of working during difficult and challenging times. Times, like that of the present, where the globe is struck by a pandemic Coronavirus outbreak.

It is crucial to have a business continuity plan and test it before implementation. The basic idea is to survive through a challenging time and not let the business get affected on a huge scale.

When there are certain factors that cannot be controlled in a business leading eventually to its disruption, there are other businesses that are doing absolutely fine with their plan’s continuity plans and strategies intact.

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Our Business Survival Journey Into The Lockdown  

As a market research firm, High Beam Global is facing challenges of its own in the lockdown for every great market is shut. From China to the USA, many companies that are impacted due to the virus have halted their work temporarily.

We deal with experts in the fields of Technology, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, etc. and are bound to get insights into these market verticals. When we built our business continuity plan our maintenance and management team handled everything very neatly.

The supervisor team was subjected to watch over the ongoing remote work that our employees were practicing from work from home and the management team was handling the work operations.

Our business continuity plan has worked smoothly and without any hindrance in the duration of one month into the lockdown. It has helped us reach out to our clients and connect with them, complete our projects efficiently making us work on the same track as we were before the pandemic hit the globe.

Our sales team is communicating incessantly with the experts in the market (who are also working remotely) and gauging the market of their region and industry. Our connection with the experts are helping us hugely in understanding the global reach and impact of Coronavirus. While connecting with our experts, one expert associated with a leading consulting and management firm “estimated that the time to overcome the impact of Coronavirus might cross a year”.

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One Month of Work From Home: A Success

We have successfully completed a month working remotely from our homes, we connect every week with the whole team via zoom meetings, we have provided our clients with complete and in-depth projects they were dreading to left incomplete due to the lockdown.

Our business continuity plan along with our management, HR, sales, and every single employee has been adopted to provide the result that is now in front of us. Not just this, one of our employees was able to complete 150% of the task before the deadline. The motto here is not just working from home and having a business continuity plan, it is to stand together and work together as one person, and that is what High Beam Global is doing to make the coming months as successful with its operations and projects as this previous month went.

In short, our business continuity plan and the whole team of High Beam Global has worked without witnessing any halt or hindrance in the company’s operations.

High Beam Global has a vast network of experts from every market vertical which helps us to provide insights into the market and how their industry is impacted due to Coronavirus. If you want to get insights into your concerned market from an expert’s perspective, contact us at