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The Rapid Change in the use of the Internet Due to Coronavirus

Rapid Change in the use of the Internet due to Coronavirus

The pandemic Coronavirus has brought a huge alteration in human lives. With some getting too busy with their work such as doctors, retailers, shopkeepers, delivery boys, government officials, the other half of the humans are all set for accessing the internet as the options to reach out to family and friends is through the internet.

The shops, malls, public gatherings, and restaurants are all shut and people are finding their ways to look for options to get away with their time. Internet is the medium to communicate for many sources, even the Prime Minister and the parliament people are using the internet to conduct meetings and pass judgement.

For the businesses and companies, all are working from home remotely during impact of coronavirus on the global economy and the usage of applications and work apps has increased with quite a rising percentage. The in-person meetings have been replaced by the Zoom meetings and just now zoom declared that it almost dragged the application on the verge of explosion.

The Internet Usage as compared to the Applications

 As for the people who are looking for different ways to go through this lockdown, they are opting for websites better than their applications on their tiny screens. It is more evident that web usage is to increase and the mobile apps to decrease as everyone has a system for themselves and being stuck in the home would lead to a demand for a more comfortable screen.

Also, Netflix, Facebook, and Youtube have gained unlimited users on their websites when just before the Coronavirus outbreak, the applications of these platforms on android were more in use and demand.

As per the analytics firm Ookla, the fixed broadband i.e. wifi download speeds have decreased to 35.95 Mbps in March from 39.65Mbps in February. Also, the mobile download speeds got dropped to 10.15 Mbps from 11.83 Mbps at the same time.

With students having classes online in the USA and all other countries under lockdown, online activities have increased considerably. School assignments, projects, etc are all carried out online via Google Classroom. All the meetings and other sessions are occurring online with the help of the apps such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams.

Not just this, with people looking up on the web for questions and news related to the pandemic Coronavirus the accessing of the internet includes the usage of news websites and other government websites that provides information. As per the SimilarWeb, the websites for The New York and The Washington Post have both grown traffic more than 50 percent over the last month.

Now days people prefer online shopping, avoid going outside and the customer buying behavior during coronavirus is totally change and the graph of internet users rapidly increase.

Leaving the news sites behind, the home page for the Disease Control and Prevention has seen million of readers now when before Coronavirus outbreak they had almost none. The popularity of such websites has increased with people being curious and anxious about the current situation.

Vodafone, which operates in more than 65 countries, says it has “already seen data traffic increase by 50% in some markets.”

Will the Internet break during the Coronavirus Outbreak

 When there has been a decrease in some application usage such as Zomato, online shopping sites, applications such as online games, and youtube channels are on the verge of crashing due to the huge number of traffic. On the other hand, youtube has lowered its visibility level due to the high traffic making it impossible to load videos.

Well, when on one hand 50% of people are using the internet and working from home, on the other hand, the other 50% are not using the work applications or the internet of things so there is enough space left in the network and it won’t crash, most probably.

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