Everything About the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine

It has been more than 3 months since the wild spread of the pandemic declares novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the infected cases have reached 937,941 among which the death toll is 47,273 and recovered cases are 195,188.

The run for the masks and the dread amongst people that this virus is causing is all because there is no vaccine created yet, but the ones in authority are doing everything they can and are collaborating with the scientists to do their best. The impact of the Coronavirus outbreak is global, be it economy or public health.

The virus started out in Wuhan, China and now it has reached almost all over the globe. Every country is on lockdown and there is a shortage of everything, the pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, and the oil and gas industry are all facing their worst dreams.

Is the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine going anywhere?

The fatality rate, as per the World Health Organization(WHO) is about 3.4% globally, estimated to be lower than the other such outbreaks but to look at it this way, there wasn’t such a great level of technology achieved which ought to assure the protection of the public health. So, is the rate remains similar to the previous ones, the technology and science have got its position on a zero level. But fortunately, it isn’t that.

Most people who are infected with COVID-19 can recover from it in a week or two without the need of hospitalization unless its the extreme case, but the stress and dreading questions of “what vaccine prevents Coronavirus outbreak” is running through the earth’s minds, which definitely till now is unknown and undiscovered just as this new virus is.

Scientists are trying to create something matching a pathogen, which follows testing it on a person’s immune system and then understanding its reactions and rate of recovery. Well, this creation lets the immune system acknowledge the virus, so the next time the virus tries to attack the system, the immune system attacks it first, thereby protecting itself and the human body.

There are different ways a vaccine is created, for the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), tests have begun in some labs with animal testing and later is the human testing. Drugmakers, researchers, and scientists are all into the project and it is no competition for them, they are working together because that is what the priority is.


A interview taken by GLG the Strategy Advisor to the CEO of Coalition Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), says that to discover, develop, and then produce a vaccine can take many years. For example, the shingles vaccination, Shingrix, took 20 years. But as there is no time on our hands with Coronavirus, it is to be accelerated with all regulators.

The thing that makes this all a bit positive is the progress is making out at quite a pace and it was a very good action and effort of the Chinese to discover and share the genetic material of the virus which is almost 70-80% similar to SARS and caused COVID-19. That is why it is named after it, SARS-CoV-2. China shared this information in January providing every research group and scientists to grow the live virus and study how it invades human cells and makes people sick.

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The Trail of Vaccine for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Regeneron announced it has identified virus-neutralizing antibodies and is working with Sanofi and Kevzara. Sanofi and Regeneron have dosed the first patient in the ex-U.S. arm of a global phase 2/3 clinical program evaluating Kevzara as a treatment for severe COVID-19.

 Regeneron and Sanofi dosed the first patient outside of the United States with the rheumatoid arthritis drug Kevzara as part of a second global clinical trial assessing the medication as a treatment for COVID-19.

After the first evaluation, they are to enlist 300 patients in the next round. The study of the first trail is to study the effects on fever and patient’s need for supplemental oxygen, whereas for the second segment is concerned, it will aim at the long-term results of it, including the death and cutting the need for sup[portive care. This supportive care includes a mechanical ventilator, supplemental oxygen, or the need for hospitalization.

 The goal and necessity are to have a vaccine that has been tested, is safe and efficacious, and is scalable and feasible to millions of doses within a period of 12 to 18 months. With such measures being taken can only prevent or stop the spread of the virus and create the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccine.

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