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Global Refining Market- factors and causes

The global refining market currently is on the balance scale, seeing a growth in some regions and a declining margin of usage in others. However, the factors influencing the growth of the oil and gas market is witnessed in the developing countries where the technology has taken a sharp pace and turn for positive results. The case is similar as we have studied in our early days, the demand for energy and resources is directly proportional to the growing population and the global refining market has a huge demand where the population is rising every year.

The causes and factors leading to the increase in the oil refining market are-

  • The first and foremost is the rising population
  • The demand for better solutions that are faster and efficient which leads to the demand for technology-based solutions and sources.
  • As per technology, the demand for technology-based fuel-consuming vehicles high in popularity has also increased.
  • Rising income and living standards have also been a factor for consuming and being able to afford high technology-based and fuel-consuming articles.

The demand for oil is increasing up to 1.2% every year in the developed countries. These factors are the driving force that is leading to a growing market scenario.

Global oil market trend

Countries such as India and China with a high population are expected to see a growth range whereas in developed countries such as the USA and Europe the oil demand is being replaced by an improvement in fuel efficiency, demand for an alternative such as electric vehicles.

According to Oil and Gas industry Analytics experts the demand for better solutions and zero wastage with a view to preventing the resources from being diminished and protecting nature has turned the market onto the usage of natural gas. The low decline in the demand for oil is taking place along with various issues of refinery difficulty, crude pricing being excessive in its export nature.

The long-term forecast of the refining market being in demand can be seen in Asia but the depletion in its usage is to occur similarly as it is occurring in the European region along with Africa and Middle-East.

According to McKinsey the demand rate in Europe is to decline below 70% by 2023 and in Asia, it will get down to 73%. Between now and 2035, growth in global oil demand will slow to 0.5 percent per year, with demand for road transport peaking by 2026 and demand for oil overall peaking by 2032.

The only reason for a rising demand being witnessed in the global refining market in certain countries and regions will be due to their poor alternative options in place of fuel such as aviation and petrochemicals.

 Concluding with the future of the global oil refining market

Even if in the coming couple of years we are aware of the fuel and oil being replaced by alternative such a natural gas that is cheap and less of a resource much diminished than crude oil, the trending market is to follow the steps of the demands in the market. China as the most populated country which is one of the biggest exporters is to stretch its refining capacity up to 12.7 m barrels per day in the following years.

Another and most influencing factor for the growth in the demand of the global refinery market is the need of the companies to upgrade their processes and efforts to present new crude oil along with its rising economy and quality.

It is not just for the demand rising every year, it is for upgrading the demand and making the accessibility of the oil and crude easy and possible exactly as the demand is. Even if there are new and upgraded ways of getting the crude via technology-based methods or alternate ways, the global refining market is going to face stimulus growth and demand in the coming years.

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