You Should Know About Robo Advisor Before it’s Too Late
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You Should Know About Robo Advisors Before it’s Too Late

What are Robo Advisor?

It is challenging for every individual to plan and get into the right investment advice. Majority of the individual seek expertise from financial advisors for investment. The alternative to financial advisors in this era and in upcoming future is Robo advisors.

Experts say that Robo advisors are considered as financial advisors who provide financial or investment advice based on algorithms or mathematical rules. It is considered to be a newer way of seeking investment advice and managing your finances without human interventions. It’s tough to decide the best investment for your money, and also it is very tricky to manage your investments effectively.

Robo Advisors are suitable for new investors who don’t trust financial advisors. This is considered to be an excellent solution for beginners in investing, young professionals who are looking for an investment expert to diversify his investment risk and manage his portfolio.

What Are The Real Benefits Of Robo Advisor?

The real benefit of using advisors is that it helps to avoid investing in costly mistakes. Robo Advisors are software that automates the entire investment procedure for an individual and makes them stress-free. Investors prefer Robo Advisors in replacement of traditional portfolio managers or financial advisors due to its varied benefits. They are considered to be more cost-effective as compared to conventional portfolio managers. It provides automated service and wise investment advice without any conflict of interest, unlike human advisors who can deliver the wrong information to meet their sales target. The real benefit of using Robo Advisors is its 24*7 accessibility to seek investment advice for popular investment options and features of comprehensive portfolio management.

Wondering About the Investment Options That Robo Advisor Can Deliver

If you are looking for investment advice, whether it is tax planning, retirement planning, wealth management, portfolio management, investment approach or others Robo Advisor can be the best solution to fulfill your requirements as suggested by Fintech industry experts.

To cope up with the changing dynamics of investment options, changing economic trends, upcoming start- ups and investor’s investment options banks, the insurance industry, wealth management companies, and others are transforming their business models and products and solutions to deliver customized investment options to their clients through Robo Advisory.

It offers digital advice to build a diversified portfolio of low cost across diversified investment options, which include stocks, banking products, insurance products, and many others. The automated online portfolio management services provided by top Robo Advisors companies enables the private investors to choose their investment volumes depending on their risk appetite.

Key Restraints to the Growth of Robo Advisor

Major concerns and the restraining factors associated with the growth of Robo Advisor is that it lacks personal guidance, such as human advisors. It even comprises of in-depth and minimal financial knowledge. Low awareness among the end-users along with their inability to adapt to the changing customer’s preferences is a significant threat, which is restraining the growth of advisors.

Market Scenario

Robo Advisors are foreseen to be the future of Fintech industry. According to Statista, user’s penetration of Robo advisors accounted for 0.4% globally in 2018 and is anticipated to increase to 1.9% by 2023. Robo Advisors are drastically changing the financial services industry. Various Robo Advisors companies entering into the market and are performing exceptionally well. A survey conducted with a Robo Advisory expert says the United States has the highest number of users of Robo Advisors.

Robo Advisors is disruptive and the fastest-growing innovation for the future of the financial services industry. Investors and industry experts believe that Robo Advisors will not replace financial advisors as it lacks the service of providing customized consultation for investments. Majority of the high net worth individuals prefer using Robo Advisors because of the convenience of 24*7 availability. Though the adoption rate of Robo Advisor is shallow and slow, it carries bright future and growth opportunities in the market.

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