Assessment of IVD modalities in the indian market

Assessment of IVD modalities in the indian market

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Assessment of IVD modalities in the indian market.

The Objective of the Study

A global leader in healthcare consulting wanted to understand the current In-Vitro diagnostics market in India particularly focusing on the decision-making process, vendor selection criteria and unmet needs for IVD modalities. A major segment of the research was to understand the buying decision making process that is focussed upon by the healthcare facilities with regards to IVD modalities.


Key Screening Points


  • Experts having more than 5 years of relevant experience in the IVD sector were onboarded.

  • The facilities targeted were corporate hospitals, public hospitals, corporate/chain laboratories or stand-alone laboratories.

  • The shortlisted participants were involved in the usageClinical Chemistry (CC), Immunoassay (IA)&Hematology (Hemat) modalities.

  • Organizations having a monthly consumption of reagents for IA, CC and hemat of more than 25 lacs per month were targeted.

Key Discussion Points

  • Evaluating the level of awareness by company/brand with regards to the IVD modalities along with a representation of the purchase model, whether reagent-rental or equipment purchasefor each of the brands used.
  • To get an overview of the current and upcoming trends (such as government policies, pricing, new products, etc.) in different IVD technologies.
  • A detailed insight on the overall strategy of the organizations with regards to vendor selection and buyer decision making processes.
  • Understanding the unmet needs and lab performances with regards to turnaround time (TAT), operational cost, reduced rework and on-time delivery.

Coverage across cities

HBG Solution

  • Onboarding relevant experts with a 100% show rate within the stipulated timeframe.
  • The HBG team successfully identified, shortlisted and scheduled appointments with the appropriate experts foran In-depth Face to face discussion meeting our client’s objective.
  • The results of the discussion helped the client comprehend the market in a broader perspective.
  • Real time communication and extensive coordination was demonstrated to match the dynamic nature of the study. A moderator from our team assisted our client throughout to help them conduct the face to face discussions without any hassles.

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