BPI Cloud Communications Study

BPI Cloud Communications Study

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BPI Cloud Communications Study

The Objective of the Study

Our client Buyer Persona Institute is a leading global consulting company was trying to understand about the cloud based communication platforms that could allow the advancement and integration of new cloud competencies. The sample size is segmented into two different parameters, Group1 –Qualified experts from companies with 250-1000 employee size Group2 – Qualified experts from companies with 1000-2500 employee size.

Key Screening Points

The key screening criteria to be able to identify the experts should fall under the following criteria’s:

  • The employee size of the organization’s to target should be amongst the two categories – 250-1000 & 1000-2500. We were to headhunt 7 experts from each segment making the total sample size to be 14 from both the categories.

  • The expert should fall under IT & Customer Experience departments only in order to qualify to participate in the research study along with the Job roles to either a Director or VP of the current organization.

  • The experts should be actively involved in the evaluation of cloud based communication solutions, IVR being a mandate one platform along with the time frame being within the past 12-18 months for the latest evaluation being performed and not more than that.

Key Discussion Points

  • To deeply understand the evaluation process of cloud based platform from the list. To exemplify: Bandwidth, Infobip, Kaleyra, MessageBird, Plivo, RouteMobile, Sinch, Syniverse, Twilio, Vonage, and Zenvia.
  • Did the platforms evaluated facilitated the Interactive Voice Response technology and Multi factor authentication in the organization?

HBG Solution

  • Within 4 weeks, the HBG team successfully identified, mapped, and scheduled appointments with 14 experts across US.
  • Our team screened these professionals following a 2-step validation manner:-
    • Mapped and shortlisted professionals matching the scope at the same time as the usage of our proprietary internaler database and supplementing pinnacle resources inclusive of LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, D&B, etc.
    • Validated all shortlisted profiles whilst screening every prospect over call and shared final candidature for our client’s assessment/ approval
  • With a 100% show rate, the HBG group ensured every screened professional joined the session on the agreed appointment date and time.
  • Our group met the overall objectives inside the stipulated time frame with most excellent performance and efforts.

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