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BPI Cloud Security

The Objective of the Study

Our client Buyer Persona Institute is a leading global consulting company was trying to understand about the cloud security solution and its capabilities with experts in organization’s whose employee size is more than 5000 employees globally. The total sample size of the study was 16 further bifurcated in two different roles -8 from experts with Security titles and job role and 8 from Devops/ Cloud Architectures role.

Key Screening Points

The key screening criteria to be able to identify the experts should fall under the following criteria’s:

  • The employee size being more than 5000 employees, the expert’s current department/ functional group at work should be either of the following- Devops, InfoSec, and Information technology, IT Operations, R&D or Product only.

  • The job level of the expert who is a full time employee in the organization can be any- Employee or Associate/Manager/ Director/VP. However, C-level for the study would not be considered as per the specifications.

  • The company must develop some of its business critical application on the cloud (public, private or hybrid).

  • The cloud native capabilities being currently used in app development for all or some of their business critical apps should either or both of these- Kubernetes or Containers and none other would qualify.

  • The expert should be have personally participated in solution demos in cloud native security solution providers for a cloud native security solution and the evaluation should be performed in the last 12-18 months only. In addition, the expert must have evaluated more than 1 cloud native security solution to be able to qualify as per the study criteria.

Key Discussion Points

Through this research, the key discussion areas to be discussed are as follows:

  • The cloud native capabilities being used in app development for all or some of the organization’s critical business applications –Kubernetes Containers or both of them.
  • Findings and analysis from evaluation of solution demos with cloud native security providers for a cloud native security solution.
  • What are the major capabilities included in the cloud native solutions evaluated by the experts.
  • What is the current status of the final decision on selecting the new security solution- have they already made the final decision to purchase the technology or they have narrowed their option to 1-2 providers.

HBG Solution

  • Within 4 weeks, the HBG team successfully identified, mapped, and scheduled appointments with 12 across US.
  • Our team screened these professionals following a 2-step validation manner: -
    • Mapped and shortlisted professionals matching the scope at the same time as the usage of our proprietary internaler database and supplementing pinnacle resources inclusive of LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, D&B, etc.
    • Validated all shortlisted profiles whilst screening every prospect over call and shared final candidature for our client’s assessment/ approval
  • With a 100% show rate, the HBG group ensured every screened professional joined the session on the agreed appointment date and time.
  • Our group met the overall objectives inside the stipulated time frame with most excellent performance and efforts.

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