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Coach Operator Study

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Coach Operator Study

The Objective of the Study

Our client is a leading global consulting company. They conducted the research on behalf of a global leading tire manufacturer and supplier to understand the needs of businesses like when it comes to tire purchasing and tire service management of coaches.

Key Screening Points


  • The client was keen to speak with a senior executive with substantial or final decision maker of tire purchasing and after-service requirements at an organizational level with a focus on pure urban transportation account

  • One important criteria being that the companies does not procure or purchase retreated tires more than 25% of their annual purchasing



Key Discussion Points


  • Intimate knowledge on the key criteria’s or factors that are important when selecting a supplier
  • What is the significance of purchasing retreated tires in terms of cost effectiveness as compared to the purchasing of new tires
  • What factors most drive a choice when selecting a particular brand
  • Lastly, what are their current pain points with their suppliers or its performance including after-service


HBG Solution

  • Within 20 days, the HBG team successfully identified, mapped, and scheduled appointments with 7 experts across the Brazil & UK market.
  • Our team screened these experts following a 2-step validation process: -
    • Mapped and shortlisted experts matching the scope while using our proprietary internal database and supplementing top sources such as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, D&B, etc.
    • Validated all shortlisted profiles while screening every prospect over the telephone and shared final candidature for our client’s review/ approval.
  • With a 100% show rate, the HBG team ensured every screened expert joined the consultation call at the agreed appointment date and time.
  • Our team met the overall targets within the stipulated timeframe with optimum efficiency and quality.

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