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Enterprise Persona Study

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Enterprise Persona Study

The Objective of the Study

Our client is a leading B2B market research company. The purpose of this research was to understand the current landscape of network technologies being in used and to better understand the needs of the enterprise market.

The discussion was focused with multiple geographies and majorly covering all the industries including manufacturing, automotive, mining, energy utilities and shipping ports.

Key Screening Points

  • Buyers/decision makers/influencers LE (1000+ employees) and revenue more than 1 Billion.

  • The expert can belongs to any technical department however, he must have a knowledge of exciting network technologies and its future expectations as well.

  • Experts should be belong to either transformation of industrial or Creating connected products and Energy grid modernization.

  • Buyers/decision makers/influencers at large corporations or enterprises.

Key Discussion Points

  • Intimate knowledge on different types of connectivity solutions in their commercial operations of the organization.
  • Organization’s future expectations of different connectivity solutions and it’s landscape
  • Why a particular kind of network technologies exist in the organizations and how it is utilised in every department.
  • Priorities behind network technologies.

HBG Solution

  • Within 7-8 weeks, the HBG team successfully identified, mapped, and scheduled appointments with 46 experts across the European market and Asian Market.
  • Our team screened these experts following a 2-step validation process: -
    • Mapped and shortlisted experts matching the scope while using our proprietary internal database and supplementing top sources such as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, D&B, etc.
    • Validated all shortlisted profiles while screening every prospect over the phone and shared final candidature for our client’s review/ approval.
  • With a 100% show rate, the HBG team ensured every screened expert joined the consultation call at the agreed appointment date and time.
  • Our team met the overall targets within the stipulated timeframe with optimum efficiency and quality.

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