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Impact of automation technologies in retail industry

Impact of automation technologies in retail industry

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Impact of automation technologies in retail industry

The Objective of the Study

Assessing role of automation technologies in improving customer experience, efficiency and understanding the usage of different technologies to help improvein store user experience.Our client wanted to evaluate the impact of new technologies like – RFID, Facial recognition for product payments and self-checkout, Digital Aisles and Self service Kiosks withing stores on overall efficiency and Customer satisfaction.


Key Screening Points


  • Organisations with 1Billion+ Annual revenue were included.

  • Director level and above experts,directly involved in the implementation of automation technologies at retail stores spread acrossNorth America, Europe, and Asia were onboarded.

  • Retail sub-sectors included in the survey were: electronics, grocery, home improvement, fashion/apparel, and quick service restaurants.

Key Discussion Points

  • Usage of automation technologies in physical retail stores to assess customer experience and operational efficiency.
  • Understand retailers’ perception of benefits and challenges of automation technology in stores.
  • Major technologies being deployed across different geographies for automation across retail stores.
  • How automation can help to solve pain points that customer experience in-store including long checkout queues, difficulty in locating products andout of stock products.

Targeted organisations split across revenues

HBG Solution

  • Onboarding relevant participants quickly, reducing the overall lead time.
  • HBG team successfully identified, mapped and scheduled appointments to conduct IDI’s with requisite experts to meet client suggested timelines.
  • Real time profile sharing and on point communication throughout the project lifecycle to eliminate any gaps while screening and scheduling appointments.
  • With 100% success rate the team ensured that all the screened/shortlisted respondents participate in the final discussion at the scheduled date and time.

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