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Information Security Study

Information Security Study

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The Objective of the Study

Understanding the IT staff headcount and their support to the overall organization Understanding the cost structure distributed across the employees working in the IT Department Understanding how IT Operational and IT Capital budget differ across industries

Key Screening Points

  • The business entity for which the responses are collected should be at-least 100 Million USD.
  • The expert should be responsible for managing IT function across the organization
  • Experts should be aware of the distribution of cost in the IT Department.

Key Discussion Points

  • What are the IT Staff headcount and the personnel cost associated with them
  • What is the IT outsourcing structure within the organization?
  • What are the cost associated with IT Capital, IT Operational and other IT expenses which are not counted under the IT cost.

Demographic Ratio

HBG Solution

  • Within 4-5 weeks, HBG team successfully identified, mapped and conducted interviews with these experts
  • Our team screened these experts following a 3-step validation process:-
  • Mapped and shortlisted experts matching the scope while using our proprietary internal database and supplementing top sources such as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, D&B etc
  • Presenting the data to the client for the responses collected in excel format on a rolling basis( for every 15 completes)

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