Future casting the Next Era of Lubricants

Future casting the Next Era of Lubricants

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Future casting the Next Era of Lubricants

The Objective of the Study

To understand the opinions and preferences with regards to current and future use of lubricants.

Key Screening Points

  • Organisations using a fleet of Class 1 to 7 or higher trucks in USA and light, medium and heavy duty vehicles (3.5tons to 12.1 tons or more) in other regions were targeted.

  • Experts involved in the decision making or influencing the lubricants purchase for commercial vehicles

  • The targeted geographies were USA, Mexico, India, Germany and China.

Key Discussion Points

  • Importance of vehicles for the business process across industries.
  • Assessment of major challenges faced by the companies currently and the challenges anticipated in the next 5 Years.
  • Perception of organizations around sustainability, productivity and mobility.
  • Evaluating the fleet profiles and the engine preferences in the current times and the future expectations around the same.
  • Perspective around the developments of lubricants by 2025 and the importance of vehicle maintenance.
  • Understanding the current and future use of lubricants for different fleet types and purchase criteria for lubricants.

Coverage across Regions

HBG Solution

  • HBG team successfully identified, mapped and conducted telephonic interviews with requisite experts within the client suggested timelines.
  • Real time sharing of updates with the details of completes and recruited participants for clients’ review was an integral part of the entire project lifecycle.
  • With 100% success rate the team ensured that the entire sample of 200 Interviews was achieved within the stipulated timelines and with optimum quality.

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