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Researching analytics maturity model across industries

Researching analytics maturity model across industries

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Researching analytics maturity model across industries



Our team executed this research to understand the level of sophistication of data and analytics across industries. The study focused on accessing the knowledge of experts on thepresent and targeted analytical capability level and gaps that need to be addressed across 6 major dimensions- Business Decision & Analytics, Data & Information, Technology & Infrastructure, Process & Integration, Organisation & Governance, Culture and Talent.


Key Screening Points


  • Senior professionals with more than 10 years of experience into IT, Data, Analytics, technology, and Infrastructure were onboarded

  • Organisations with minimum revenue of 200 Million at a global level were targeted

  • Organisations across Industries like- Manufacturing, Retail/Wholesale, Banking & Finance, Hospital & Healthcare, Energy/Utilities were prioritised

Key Discussion Points

  • To gain deeper understanding into the organization’s level of analytical capability and gap areas for current and future state for next 3 years.
  • Experience with the usage of analytics, its impact on ROI, data architecture, timeliness, data quality and its classification and protection.
  • Use of big data, ETL, reporting tools, and software engineering tools at present and future state.
  • Culture of information sharing, executive commitment, risk and governance.

Geographic coverage

HBG Solution

  • HBG Benchmarking team was able present a two-fold view of analytical maturity prevalent at 2 separate business entities across organisations.
  • HBG team successfully identified, mapped and scheduled appointments to conduct 500 interviews with requisite experts to meet client suggested timelines.
  • Regular project updates were shared with the client portraying coverage across industries and regions as per the scope.
  • The Data insights were shared directly to the client on the Qualtrics link. Mapped and cleaned data was shared as a part of final deliverable.

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