Saudi Aramco Study

Saudi Aramco Study

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Saudi Aramco Study

The Objective of the Study

The overall objective of this study focused on understanding the operational excellence process area of a business.

Key Screening Points


  • Designations to be targeted: Production Managers, Plant Managers, EHS, HSE Professionals.

  • Industries to be targeted- Oil and Gas, and Non-Oil and Gas Production.

  • Regions – APAC, Europe and USA.

  • Sample Size- 30 Interviews to be conducted


Key Discussion Points

The study focused on understanding different operational excellence parameters as listed below:

  • Operational Excellence in terms of score improvement, CEHA, and OHHA.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Production targets
  • integrity incidents and loses associated with it.
  • Employee Satisfaction and Retention
  • Schedule Compliance and Maintenance Cost Index.

Completes By Country

HBG Solution

  • Within 4-5 weeks, the HBG team successfully identified, shortlisted and conducted interviews using CATI methodology with 30experts’ basis the project specifications and the data was presented to the client in the form of Excel.
  • Real timeupdates of the successful completes with interim deliverables with the client to ensuretimely tracking of the overall progress on field.
  • With 100% success rate the team onboarded and conducted the discussions with the relevant experts within the stipulated timeframe with optimum quality as desired by the client.

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