Security Assessment Study

Security Assessment Study

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Security Assessment Study

The Objective of the Study

The overall objective of this study focused on understanding the security assessment model across different organization in India

Key Screening Points

  • There was a prescreening list provided by the client of 200 accounts where IT and security experts had to be targeted.

  • Key professionals with experience of working in the IT or Security Department.

  • Sample Size- 50 Interviews to be conducted

  • Regions to be targeted-India

Key Discussion Points

  • Understanding the key security solutions used by different organizations
  • Renewal Time and contract deal value for solutions used for security.
  • Understanding security priorities to be addressed.
  • Decision making process and partners/consultants involved in their buying cycle of tech security solutions.
  • Regulatory or compliance requirements across industries

security assessment

HBG Solution

  • Within 4 weeks, the HBG team successfully identified, shortlisted and conducted interviews using CATI methodology with 50experts’ basis the project specifications and the data was presented to the client in the form of Excel.
  • Real timeupdates of the successful completes were shared to ensure timely tracking of the overall progress on field.
  • With 100% success rate the team onboarded and conducted the discussions with the relevant experts within the stipulated timeframe with optimum quality as desired by the client.

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