Understanding the Fleet Management System

Understanding the Fleet Management System

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Understanding the Fleet Management System

The Objective of the Study

Understanding fleet characteristics in Construction, Freight and Utility Services Industry. Our client wanted to understand LCV maintenance lifecycle including purchase of lubricants, decision impacting purchase of lubricants, the criteria’s that help determine the choice of lubricants.

Key Screening Points

  • Fleet operators having more than 25 vehicles.

  • Fleet owners were onboarded, especially owner-operator.

  • Industries included in the survey were: Freight transportation, Truck Rental, Passenger Transportation, Construction services/ contractor, Power utility/services.

Key Discussion Points

  • Usage of commercial vehicles i.e., the size of vehicle – up to 7 tons, or more, class of Trucks and future expectations.
  • Understanding overview of the engine type of vehicles i.e., Petrol, Diesel, Electric and CNG/LPG.
  • Assessing the decision-making process for purchasing or ordering lubricants for the vehicles.
  • Understanding vehicle maintenance habits i.e., knowing the attitude towards vehicle maintenance.

Coverage Across Industries

HBG Solution

  • Onboarding relevant participants quickly, reducing the overall lead time.
  • HBG team successfully identified, mapped, and screened relevant profiles to conduct telephonic interviews to meet client suggested timelines.
  • Maintaining quotas every day to effectively run the project.
  • Sharing regular updates with the client to keep the client apprised on FW status.

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