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SAP workload and its implementation on cloud platforms

SAP workload and its implementation on cloud platforms

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SAP workload and its implementation on cloud platforms

The Objective of the Study

Understanding the market proposition of SAP solutions and its migration to public cloud platform. Our client wanted to assess the market share for SAP users while understanding the challenges experienced by organisations while migrating. This research also helped analyse the selection and evaluation process of SAP migration.

Key Screening Points


  • Large Enterprise organizations with 10,000 or more full-time employees were included as per scope.

  • Experts must have recently migrated (Users) or planning to migrate (Intenders) at least one of the SAP workloads to one of the three top cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP).

  • Time frame: Users migrated within the past 12 months; Intenders must be planning to migrate in next 12 months and taken steps in the buyer’s journey.

  • A mix of BDM (e.g., App Owner, Line of Business Manager) and ITDM (CIO, CTO, VP of IT, Lead Cloud Architect) roles were on-boarded.


Key Discussion Points

  • Identifying which SAP solutions are currently being used in the organization and analysing their market share.
  • Understanding key steps of the evaluation and selection processof cloud platform for the SAP migration.
  • Which of the SAP solutions have already been migrated to the cloud and what are the future plans of migrating other solutions.
  • Understanding major challenges observed by the experts while planning to migrate the SAP solutions to the cloud platform.

Split across target audience

HBG Solution

  • HBG team successfully recruited 20 experts in 3 weeks’ time and client was able to recruit all of them. Our client was content with the level of experts on-boarded.
  • Our team screened these experts following a 2-step validation process: -
    • Mapped and shortlisted experts matching the scope while using our proprietary internal database and supplementing top sources such as LinkedIn, Zoom Info, D&B etc.
    • Validated all shortlisted profiles while screening every prospect over the phone and shared final candidature for our client’s review/approval.
  • With 100% conversion, HBG team ensured every approved participant join the consultation call and share their insights on the topic.

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