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HBG Insight Solutions

Strategic Market Analysis

We offer highly business function focused strategy across multiple verticals and consumer segments. Our value comes from delivering and executing a complete business solution and providing measurable results Customer experience/customer journey is at the center of all marketing and sales related thinking right now – it drives all marketing and sales activities. Tracking how and why customers move across different touch points, and influencing their feelings and decisions at these touchpoints is our key focus area

In the age of Machine Learning we value human touch. We humanize data by blending deep customer knowledge, advanced analytics and industry trends to deliver critical solutions for broadening your mission

We never force-fit statistical models unless the data will allow it and we ensure that the analysis yields results that are robust and actionable. Our competencies extend from basic univariate analysis and tests of significance to more complex multivariate techniques. Our online dashboards created using ASP.Net and Tableau can be hosted on our servers with separate log-ins for different categories of client users.Data from multiple time-periods can be uploaded to automatically compute metrics and compare them visually over different time periods.

The accelerating pace of change is creating a wide range of potential new priorities……. lead to the growing marketing & sales challenges CMOs face today

Our Focus & Capabilities in the context of change

focus and capabilities

Elevate Your Customers’ Experiences

  • We help you create better customer and sales experiences
  • We help you differentiate yourselves uniquely

Enhance Performance – Measurable

  • We improve marketing and sales performance
  • 1 on1 customer level data and solutions for high mktg. performance
  • We help you capitalize on developing market opportunities
our consuliting offerings roadmaps

Our Strategic Market Analysis Roadmap

data management

Data Management

We help you managing your data in a systematic way towards decision making. This starts from data processing, data reading, consistency checking, ensuring SQC and finally problem solving.

Our data management is a balance of your goals, technology, and user needs

deep data driven visibility

Deep data driven visibility

We help you examining the data set in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain, increasingly with the aid of specialized systems and software. We understand the business need and apply appropriate data modelling technique to analyse relationships between various selected objects in the data. Test cases are built for assessing the model and model is tested and implemented on the data.

uncover the steps for decision making

Uncover the steps for decision making

HBG is One stop shop for your entire range of decision making support. We have built deep expertise on the full range of service support. We help you capitalize on developing market and social opportunities

We understand that high value content is very important to effectively connect. Our Consulting Team with their experience are uniquely placed to deliver the content that clients can precisely act upon

Integrated Solutions and Process Execution

Key Offerings

  • Product & Pricing strategy
  • Brand health & Competitive intelligence
  • CSAT & NPS


  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Ecommerce
  • Durables

Supporting tools

  • Presentation
  • Workshops
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Thought Leadership