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Customer Persona

Analyze behavioral data to recognize your potential customers...

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Brand Advantage

Identify your brand’s Top Opportunity Factors to stay ahead...

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Marketing Spend Effectiveness

Prioritize key marketing elements to drive your business performance ...

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Ad-Hoc/Custom Research

Customized intelligence across a broad range of Consumer and Business segments

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Customer Persona

Purchase Journey Activity based Research

  • We uncover firms that intend to purchase your products across select categories
  • We identify their purchase journey and prepare engagement strategy with them.
  • We identify the underlying needs and drivers, to develop and align your messaging.
  • We prepare communication kit in different stages of sales funnel. Your sales team needs to continue leveraging this content.
  • Hyper-personalized content marketing solutions enable your sales team to present your company to the rest of the organization.

Purchase Journey Activity Based Classification Delivers Certainty To Your Marketing & Sales Team.

Sales Qualifiers: Close to making a purchase

Marketing Qualifiers: In various stages of the buying journey

Those With Early Interest and Intentions: In very initial stages of consideration

Purchase Motivations: Underlying needs and drivers, to develop and align your messaging

Top of Funnel – Uncover Purchase Intent

How likely to purchase in …3-6 months?
…next 3 months? …6-12 months?

Beyond Intention - Apply Marketing Qualifiers Criteria

Why purchase? Need/problem Perceived barriers
clearly defined? Actions taken

Apply Sales Qualifiers Criteria

Second or third follow up discussions Requested formal proposals?
with sales person? Defined budget?

We provide Marketing & Sales communication kit which clients can instantly feed into their sales funnel

Brand Advantage

Impact Based Modelling

We help you measure the relative brand performance today within various consumer segments; how much is the brand able to attract and convince the consumers of competing brands or non-users of the category to ‘prefer’ or ‘switch over’ to the brand. Consumer behaviour and insights is our compass for measuring Brand Performance.

At the core of our Brand Advantage strategy development is the deep insight into current customers – who are they, how are their buying behaviour, whether they are navigating today’s business climate

The second layer of our framework quantifies which specific brand attributes (among many) are meaningful to them.

The outermost layer of the framework quantifies the likely impact of customer experience and identify your brand’s Top Opportunity Factors

Our framework will place you at an advantage point from where you can clearly deconstruct your Brand’s strength and weakness and begin crafting a customer strategy to enhance this key revenue driver

Segment Need and Performance


Marketing Spend Effectiveness

Companies across different sizes struggle to balance offline and digital marketing and sales motions; Fragmented touch point usage; Millennial-driven purchase behavior shifts. A few key points of influence can shape spending priorities and budget allocations, leaving large parts of the ecosystem underserved

Every percentage point of marketing budget efficiency drops straight to the bottom line. We help you understand what the key metrics of your marketing budget are.

Consumer Behavior and Channel Partner Behavior Data and Insights Be our Compass.

The Architecture

  • We check your Background & Business Performance
  • We understand your brand ratings.
  • Identify the internal and external factors
Promotion After sales Discount
Warranty Online marketing On premise visit
Digital ad Product training High touch

We understand Channel Partner behavior.

We Propose Greater Measurability, Clarity, And Control

Ad-Hoc/Custom Research

Customized intelligence across a broad range of Consumer and Business segments

  • Brand health and perceptions
  • Competitive assessment and benchmarking
  • Concept testing and refinement
  • Market segmentation
  • Product design and feature/price trade-offs