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Our Expert

Troy Stamp

Superintendent / Project Management

Background: Troy Stamp is a Superintendent/Business Development specialist working for one of the top Construction companies since May 2015, after graduating from the University of Portland with - Engineer in Training (EIT) certification in Civil Engineering (CE). His company is the 13th largest general contractor in the United States, doing $6B+ of revenue annually, and has been in business for 99 years with 26 offices nationwide. In his superintendent role, Troy is responsible for project success from a high level, where he executes large-scale commercial construction projects by organizing, planning, and overseeing project duties - superintendents supervise all project members, including in-house staff and all trade partners (subcontractors) on the project. In his Business Development role, Troy is a Brand Ambassador for his company, serving on multiple boards and steering committees while simultaneously orchestrating community outreach and charity events such as golf tournaments and volunteering events. Troy also has the unique blessing of having information on his family company, Blue Mountain Pools, which is based in the Pacific Northwest; BMP has been the premier in-ground swimming pool and spa builder contractor in the PNW since 1978. Troy has assisted in roughly $985M of project buildouts, with the bulk of his knowledge gained working for confidential semiconductor clients in the US West region. Troy is also an aviator and flies himself and his family to work and personal events as needed. Troy can help find gaps, find potential efficiencies, and lend assistance in constructability reviews, construction schedules, value engineering, sustainability and green design, quality assurance and commissioning plans, and most importantly, can help mitigate design and construction issues and mishaps. Troy is known as a 'seller-doer,' where he can talk accurately about market and project specifics because he lives them daily.

Testimonial: Working with HBG has been great thus far. I love helping advance the industries I am involved with in any way I can. I enjoy being a resource and thinking about the bigger picture; HBG allows me to continue my vision.