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Online Qualitative - Technology Driven Research Platforms

Quick and most accurate insights combined with the most innovative tech advancements

HBG offers unmatched experience and capabilities for all your Online Qual requirements

  • Access Niche Audiences
  • Insight Platforms
  • Tailored Approach

Our platform offers unique experience and customized offerings to match your needs to quickly unlock insights and drive success.

Most recent tech developments have enabled our platform to offer customized your research, collect and monitor real time data, manage participants, language support over for over 20 languages and custom report generation.

Our 24*7 platform and recruitment support let you manage all your research projects smoothly while increasing overall efficiency.

Online qualitative

10+ years of hands-on respondent recruiting experience for all niche market research projects.Our core strength is bringing your desired audience closer to you.

business decision makers

Business Decision Makers


Consumer Panels


Expert On-boarding

You can select the best suited research method via engaging with us . Our qual experts will guide on right method – platform – participant on-boarding – moderator support – analyzing and reporting

The next generation of online qualitative research platforms


HBG makes it easy for researchers to conduct online qualitative research anywhere in the world. With a comprehensive suite of features for qual and quant data gathering, moderation and analysis, you can be online and in-field within a day

Online qualitative

One platform covering all your needs


Tailor your research


Gather insights


Manage participants


Analyze and report

Our platform enables you to run projects across methodologies and matching your needs

Online IDIs & FGDs

Online IDIs & FGDs


Our platform enables you to overcome the challenges of connecting with hard to reach audiences for all your research needs.

  • Quick review and participant onboarding
  • Hassle free FGD and Qual sessions
  • Increase your reach and improve efficiency
  • Avoid travel and removes other coordination support
  • Real time data reporting, transcripts, charting and analysis.
Web Based - Discussions and Bulletin boards

Web Based - Discussions and Bulletin boards


Effectively measure your research scope by forming larger participant communities. Design tasks, activities and get your question sets answered parallelly. Our secure platform enables all participants to share opinion-thoughts-insights as and when they login to your live research board/projects.

  • Create your audience community
  • Get connected and extract deep insights
  • Create most innovative online research data collection patterns
  • Create concept testing and get real time reactions.
  • Run your research globally while eliminating any time zone challenges



Develop a deeper understanding around your consumers perceptions, behavior and attitude. Observe data and capture insights in and around normal settings without any disruptions. Our digital platform enables all researchers to capture most accurate and authentic insights.

  • Data Capture in the most authentic and natural environment.
  • Real time data capture and information sharing through most interactive patterns.
  • Researchers can run the ethnography for several days for most accurate observance.
  • Cost advantages in comparison to in-field observations and ethnography.
  • Compliant with all data protection rules to maintain safe-reliable-honest disclosure.

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