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Survey Programming and Data Processing

survey programming and data processing

Over the last decade, we haveworked to earn a reputation as the exclusiveresource for designing and deploying sample on complex surveys swiftly and efficiently irrespective of methodology.

We have managed advanced online surveys that standard software bundles and simple online survey tools are not able to handle resulting in our project managers and survey programmers becoming experts at designing water right surveys and managing their complexity in thoughtful ways.

Online survey programming and hosting

Using our powerful software, our programmersdesign surveys in close partnership with our clients to offer powerful, fast, and flexible service throughout every research project

  • Powerful

    More than 10,000 concurrent respondents supported

    Algorithmic data cleansing

    Real-time results reporting

    Data deliverables into SPSS, Excel, ASCII,

  • Fast

    Faster programming turnaround time

    Thoughtful staff minimizes delaysand disconnects

    Integrated quality assurance tools reduce
    time and cost

    Minimized latency for respondents

  • Flexible

    Multiple built-in modelsfor rare survey structures

    Teams available for extended/global hours

    Serving custom requests and requirements

    Customized dashboards and Data visualization available

dynamic surveys

Dynamic surveys

Technology continues to transform the way interact with each other and we see the world. At HBG, we are responding to the digital and technological revolution with new data collection techniques that make survey experience cleaner, simplerand more friendly for respondents, irrespective of their devices. Our dedicated approach towardsflexibility in our thinking and technology is the driving force behind our continuous efforts to thrive to be the best and it makes us an industry leader in market research. We believe every organization to be unique, and with our experienced survey programming team and dedicated tools, we have the ability to customize a solution that fits each client’s specific requirements.

Advanced Programming Techniques

HBG can effectively implement even bogan and complex survey requirements. Multilingual studies, complex constraintsand validations, dynamic in-page actions, and much more are all standard practices which we follow.
Shopping carts with hierarchical dependencies, custom reporting requirements where user access varies by respondent title / department / location, custom heat maps, multilingual surveys with extensive branching and discrete choice exercises. Once designed, complex schematics are re-usable across many projects, resulting in substantially lower costs for our clientele.

advanced programming techniques

Reporting and Analytical Capabilities

Our simple, easy-to-use reporting system tracks incidence, termination points, survey length, real time quotas and all other important key metrics; our reporting portal also enables self-serve downloads into SPSS and other formats to user so that data can be read and analyzed before the survey closes

fraud detection and elimination

Fraud Detection and Elimination

In today’s world, fraud is a very serious concern when it comes to online surveys. With complex surveys or hard-to-reach audiences, arises a need to offer higher compensation which in-turn attracts pretenders and frauds. If those are not wiped out, our research results may be compromised or skewed, and we don’t want to our client’s decisions to be driven by contaminated data
To ensure, our clientele is not facing these issues, our team has designed proprietary data cleansing algorithm which works in a fashion which makes sure to weed out all the dubious data tuples.

Integrated Crosstab’s

integrated crosstab's

Our tabulation capabilities allow clients to seamlessly run crosstab reports directly on the database. This saves a step in the process and instead of waiting until all oftheir data is collected and then beginning to analyze it, they can review crosstab results at any point. This can even help them adjust their project to drive required results if necessary, to ensure that they get the data you need to make decisions.

Sample management

HBG provides seamless coordination with our panel team which has an extensive reach to more than 45,000,000 members across the globe. We regularly coordinate recruits through different modalities, such as CATI, CAPI, Multi-mode, Multi-panel, Mail-to-web, Phone-to-web, and combinations as required.
Our sample management tool support throttle management, timed distribution, reminders to non-respondents, HTML mail, bounce tracking, easy longitudinal data integration, and much more. In addition, with their experience our PMs help to craft messages that elicit the best response rates.