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Our Pre-Launch and Training Process

Our Pre-Launch and Training Process

Upon receiving the survey instrument along with package including other important material, project team reviews each document thoroughly and gets back to the client contact with suggestions or queries, if required.

Project Manager conducts team training sessions which includes:-
  • Having detailed understanding around the survey scope.
  • Going through the questionnaire in detail i.e. understanding the metrics, KPI's and different sections in the questionnaire.
  • Listing all the logic checks, measures and definitions of important data points.
  • Identify all interlinked data points which are related to each other and what makes them relate. This helps in probing the respondent to get accurate data.
  • Conduct mock interviews with project managers and identify any pain points or challenges to avoid errors when live.

Sampling and Initial Pitch

Based on the screening criteria and scope, HBG crawls through their internal database and shortlists best matching profiles of survey respondents.

Again, validate all shortlisted profiles through reliable sources such as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, D&B and of course making calls.

Project team will call shortlisted profiles after doing a desk research or background of the company/executive and will take them through the research background while creating importance of the study. Schedule appointments upon presentation over the phone for the final discussion based on the executive’s availability.

Survey Execution and Validation Process
  • Analyst calls the participant at the agreed date and time - Seeks permission to proceed with the survey and take the executive through the survey/interview guide. While conducting the survey, analyst will refer to the desk research results to have better understanding of facts presented by the executive on call.
  • Analyst will follow all the survey guidelines along with logics, measures and definitions as covered during the training session to avoid any data errors.
  • Quality team will audit calls while referring the data file to ensure whatever answered is reflecting in the final data.
  • Project manager checks the data submitted and get back to analyst in case of any queries.
  • Project manager checks each data point as per key validation rules/logics and shares the final or interim data files as per the client's requested format.